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Lesson 2
( Let us learn - "pa", "ip" )

Let us Pronounse

Switch on your speaker to hear the sound
To pronounce move the cursor over the letter
First move the cursor over "ip" and then move quickely over "pa"
Observe how it pronounce -( ip, pa )-

Let us Write

Let us Read

ட, ட், ப, ப்,

As Tamil is a phonetic language you may not experience any difficulty in pronouncing words. Constant and speedy repetition of the alphabets will produce the required words's sound.

Correct your pronounciation by moving the cursor over each word

பட, பட், டப், டட், பப், ட்ட, ப்ப

பட பட

டப டப

பட் பட்

டப் டப்

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